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Night  Horse - 18" H x 22" W
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Night Horse - 18" H x 22" W

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This fireback's curvaceous frame and rope moulding lend it a distinctive originality. Under a crescent moon, a cantering horse is pictured by a water hole as it eclipses the stars of the constellation Pegasus. The thigh of the horse covers the star Markab, the bottom right star of the large square of stars which is most recognizable feature of the constellation Pegasus. Markab is still represented on this fireback as a reflection in the water with it's neighboring star Algenib. In Greek mythology Pegasus, the winged horse, was the offspring of Neptune and Medusa, created at his father's command from a mixture of sea foam and the blood that fell when Perseus severed Medusa's head. The canter is a moderate running pace of a horse, a brisk but easy movement. To win in a canter, in horse-racing, is to distance all the other horses so much that urging toward the end of the race is unnecessary. Signature Edition Fireback by J. Del Conner JDC 1999 Cast Iron, Made by hand in the USA 21 1/2" wide, 18" high, 41 pounds First introduced in 1998

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